Rob is much more than a dog trainer he is a family therapist!

We had two dogs already and found a starving pit bull on the streets.  Unfortunately, one of our dogs was very aggressive towards her.  So we had to keep our family separated until we met Rob.  We were very stressed out and trying to decide if we had to find another home for our adorable stray.  Day one Rob told us she was too sweet to part with and he was sure he could work with us to get our original pack to accept her.  We used lots of different techniques all recommended by Rob.  Each time we were ready to give up Rob would be there with words of encouragement.  It took a lot of patience and consistency on our part and one we have a happy pack of three.

Thanks to Rob!

-Tiffany H.

Chandler, Arizona

Testimonial Posted 4/25/2013 on the LOSE THE LEASH Yelp listing in filtered reviews.