Wonderful investment for our whole family! We owe our pups amazing behavior and adaptability to Rob. We started with Rob the first week we brought our puppy home and he customized his training to fit our needs and our family. My 6 year old can walk our puppy down the street on leash (with me) and I have no fear of the dog dragging her down the street to chase a bunny. She listens and is very connected to her training. Our dogs also behave at dinner (a huge concern of mine) and love their crate (which I didn’t think was possible). The in-person group training was also a valuable resource as we started to socialize and take our dog to more public places. Best behaved dog at the Brewery! Now we have a newer pup and we are going through all the same stages and I know the work is worth it! Thank you, Loose the Leash! Recently we had a friend adopt a new puppy and the first words out of my mouth were, “Get a trainer who you like, best money you will ever spend.” I highly recommend Lose the Leash.” SEE THE REVIEW HERE!