We received training for our first rescue German Shepherd & then a few years later returned for training with our newly rescued Dutch Shepherd. They are high energy and were not socialized. Both were 2 years old. We could not leave the confines of our yard and house without our dogs flipping out, barking, pulling, reacting to other dogs and just being out of control. We tried 2 other types of training and they did not work. We saw the trainer Rob in action at a dog park with a group of dog & pet owners. We could not believe a trainer could show his expertise before other onlookers. That was very impressive! We approached him for help.

Rob & Erin Owner & Operators of Lose the Leash dog training are amazing. They are highly recommended by our large veterinarian practice as well as word of mouth from other pet owners. The training is motivational & fun. Their training is so in tune with a dog’s way of thinking it is remarkable. For us, the training worked 100%! The progress gives you such a good feeling.

We now have happy, comfortable & self-confident Shepherds that we can take anywhere with us.

Thank you so much!

Here’s the link: https://g.co/kgs/vXGEp6