Dog barking: why does my dog bark a lot?

Just as different reasons provoke barking in your dog, there are some tips for action that we are going to list in this Post.

Why does my dog bark a lot?

Barking is the natural way for dogs to communicate, both outdoors and with you. However, when dogs bark excessively and for a prolonged period, it becomes very irritating.

Fortunately, this problem has a solution. The important thing is first to find out why your dog barks so much. Here are some reasons.

Attention seeking.

This bark originates just when your dog needs something, such as food, water, a toy, to go for a walk or to communicate an important matter. 

Tip: to reduce this type of barking, don’t go when your dog barks for attention; wait a few minutes for them to be quiet, so they understand that barking will not get them what they want.

Separation anxiety.

This is a common behavioral disorder in dogs, producing symptoms such as upset, depression, fear, stress, and anxiety. This level of distress can generate symptoms such as dogs breaking objects, urinating where they shouldn’t, and excessive barking.

For this, you will have to correct their behavior from the root of the problem and work on the symptoms to reduce their anxiety.

Generally, treatment includes: 

  • Dog behavior modification techniques.
  • Medication with drugs or pheromones.

Consult a professional.

Lack of socialization.

If your dog has not been socialized as a puppy, they may bark a lot in front of new stimuli and situations that seem strange or frightening to them.

Tip: Stimulate your dog by showing him different places, sounds, textures, people, and other animals. This way, they will get to know their environment better, and their barking will decrease.

Fears and traumas.

If the dog has any fear or trauma since its puppyhood, it can pass to its adult life, showing panic to certain noises, storms, firecrackers, and, of course, the way to express it is by barking a lot.

Tip: To prevent your dog from startling and barking, you should gradually introduce them to that stimulation and show them that everyone in the family is calm and that all is well.

Barking is natural in dogs.

Do not try to suppress this behavior in its entirety, nor ignore it completely. Remember that it is also the dog’s way of communicating things that are important to them.