The program with Rob and Erin Jewell has been a blessing for Buck and I.

Since we’ve adopted him from a shelter in July of ‘05, we’ve tried two other trainers, both very knowledgeable and experienced, (the first a ‘choke chain drill instructor’, the second a positive re-inforcement ‘treat dispenser’). Unfortunately, I did not have the time and motivation to follow through with these programs consistently, so did not get the results I was looking for.

I knew that Buck needed to see me as the ‘alpha mom’, so I went back to the drawing board on the internet in search of yet another program. Buck gets daily off-leash walks at Fiesta Island (and other places) and I was concerned about his inability to ‘come’ when called, jumping on visitors when they walked through the door, and aggressive behaviors with toys and treats. Lucky for me, I stumbled onto your website, and was enthused about the training at the off-leash dog parks.

After only two lessons with Rob, (very personable and great with dogs), 10-15 minutes of daily reinforcement, Buck is a new dog.

It is such a relief to be able to walk off leash and have him ‘come’ at the end of the walk. Even in a highly stimulated environment (next to a golf course and chasing squirrels), he came right to us. Now I don’t even need the training collar, I just call, ‘come’ at the end of our walk, and he walks right to me . . amazing!

In the past, I’d actually drive along the roadside until he decided when he’d get in the car!
I highly recommend Rob and Erin Jewell and the dog training program. A dynamic team with a first-class program. Excellent for those with plenty of time on their hands, or the rest of us who work for a living!

“Two Paws Up!”
Kim W. and Buck
Linda Vista (San Diego), CA

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