Investing in training with Penny (a full-spirited 2 1/2 year old Brittany) has given me freedom I didn’t have with our older dog when she was young. With the older one, I was too worried and paranoid to ever let her off leash, except in a fully enclosed area (and I would spend time checking for holes in the fence!).

With Penny accustomed to the collar / remote system, I can walk laps around the park, get my exercise, and let her run… knowing that she’ll come back to me! So we both have fun. Sometimes I don’t even have to turn the system on.. she’s become conditioned to the collar.

Not long ago we had a dinner party. We shipped our older dog off to Grandpa’s house for the night but Penny stayed with us. She was so good at staying in her “place” that a guest said later … Oh – you have a dog?”
That was much less stressful than the jumping-up and food-stealing behaviors that might have happened without this training. We can entertain again!

I also like the consistency of the system. It works the same way, every time. If you fall out of practice, you can always get back to it. The classes are a great way to socialize your dogs with other doggie-clients and their families, and if the collar or remote needs to be replaced for any reason – Erin and Rob take care of it.

You don’t get that level of service from a pet-supply store!

– Evelyn Trivoli
Mom to Penny