Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Our 11 year old male golden retriever has the vigor of a pup, and at times, the obstinacy of a young, dominant male. Though friendly, he gets WILDLY excited when he sees other dogs. Thanks to Rob and his LOSE the LEASH methods, I now have control when we are on a walk. Rob is a role model in patience, remaining calm and being consistent. I found the individual lessons invaluable and the group classes important in testing the training methods learned. Both classes allow me to test my dog’s progress and continue to focus on the behaviors we need to work on(and I mean that for the both of us!). I highly recommend Rob and his LOSE the LEASH methods.

Thanks Rob!

Cynthia 🙂

Review Taken 4/11/2012 from the Lose The Leash Google Places Page