Celebrate National Mutt Day On July 31st

Every July Fourth, our country celebrates our Nation’s birthday. An extra day (or two) to rest and revel in our hard fought independence. We get out the barbecue and grill burgers and kabobs and just about everything else we can get our hands on. Did you know that July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day? One more reason to light up the grill for the weekend. And did you know that there are even pet holidays to celebrate in July? Here are three little-known pet holidays for the month of July.

July 15th Is National Pet Fire Safety Day

Do you have an action plan in case of an emergency in your home? Does your action plan include your beloved pets? The National Volunteer Fire Council wants you to be aware of several safety hazards when it comes to pets. Open flames can be a big issue around pets. Never leave an open flame unattended around pets. Train your pets to stay near the entrance to your home when you are away. Use a crate for puppies as a training tool. Install monitored smoke alarms. This way a service can monitor your home in case of a fire while you are away. And don’t forget about fire safety at the office if you bring your dog to work.

July 21st is National Craft For Your Shelter Day

We all have a favorite pet charity and shelter that where we love to give our time and money. July 21st is set aside where you create crafts that support your favorite shelter. Anything from pet beds, to pet clothes, to simple bandanas that say Adopt Me! Your only limit is your imagination. Not only are you giving to the shelter itself, but you can also help out a new pet guardian with something fun and useful they can take home for their new friend. Coordinate with your favorite shelter and find out what is most needed to make the day empowering for everyone.

July 31st Is National Mutt Day

Did you know that most purebred dogs have their own holiday? They already have a lock on most of the shows, now they get holidays, too? Hold up there. Since 2005, there has been a tradition of celebrating National Mixed Breed Dog Day. The vast majority of dog awaiting adoption in shelters are mixed breeds. These dogs need loving homes just as much as purebreds. It also raises awareness around the many benefits of mixed breed dogs as they tend to make better emergency services dogs, blind guides, and overall tend to live longer. Let’s celebrate once more this year on December 2nd, have fun with our mutts, and raise awareness about mixed breed dogs.

July is a fun month for pet holidays. If you missed any of these holidays, there is more to come in August! Pet holidays are another way for you to not only connect deeply with your pet but also connect with your community and the people who share your passion for animals. You can smile knowing that spreading the word about these special days is cute and fun and can make a real difference in the lives of pet guardians.