Having FUN while dog training in San Diego at Del Mar dog beach!

LOSE THE LEASH in San Diego Dog Training @ Del Mar Dog Beach!

In this San Diego dog training video you’ll see Rob Jewell and ‘Archer’ from LOSE THE LEASH Dog Training having fun at Del Mar Dog Beach! As you can see, having an obedient and happy dog with tremendous motivation is no problem, even on a distracting beach! LOSE THE LEASH Dog Training will come to you for a FREE Dog Training Demonstration in your home.

We’ll come when You call!!!

  1. Gloria says:

    Good for you! That little white dog was in the way a lot, but your dog paid attention to you 🙂 I went there once & did not know about the parking fee 7 days a week — $40 ticket.

  2. Aimee says:

    Yeah Archer. Love those jumps over the trash cans. Awesome work Rob and Erin!

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