A grrrrreat Review on Yelp!

Rob and Lose the Leash transformed our dog! We found lose the leash to help teach our dog (and us) how to get our 2 year old goldendoodle to listen to us. She is overall a good dog, nice and friendly, knows her commands, but she was incredibly stubborn and would never listen and come when we called her.

After years of frustration, we reached a breaking point when she ran across a street to greet another dog. Afraid she’d get hurt from not listening we were glad to find Rob!

We did three private lessons and after that it’s like a night and day difference! She now comes whenever she’s called, even if there is another dog (or her favorite, a bird!). The huge demonstration of how great it worked was we took our dog to Kiwanis park to walk around. All her temptations were there, a lake to swim, birds, kids throwing balls, and even a cat, and she was able to walk by our side WITHOUT A LEASH the whole way around the lake! That would have never have happened without Lose The Leash.

Even my dad, a dog owner of 30 years was blown away by how good she is! This was not only an investment in our current dog, but any future pup that becomes a part of our family. I highly recommend Rob and Lose the Leash. We can now take our dog public places without fear of embarrassment and we know she is safe.

-Sarah P. on Lose The Leash Yelp Page

“Wish I could give him more than 5 stars” – Rachel S. in Apache Junction, Arizona

“Rob is awesome! He is very patient. He helped my mum and I train our 2 Huskies and he was awesome! Wish I could give him more than 5 stars. Thank you Rob!! C:”

Rachel S.

Apache Junction, Arizona

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A Fetching Review from Cindy G. in SanTan Valley, Arizona

“I can’t say enough about how great Rob and Lose the Leash have been with our Annie. Rob’s method has helped us so much in gaining a response and obedience from Annie. I am so thrilled and highly recommend Rob to anyone.”

Cindy G

SanTan Valley, AZ

Review posted on our Facebook Page

‘He has done an amazing job’

“I would recommend Rob and his training. He has done an amazing job with helping me train my dag!!”

-Elaine in Mesa, AZ.

Review posted on Lose The Leash Facebook Page

Another Happy Customer!

Rob is an excellent trainer with a great love for dogs!! Thanks so much!

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‘perfectly behaved, followed every command’

“First post-surgery walk on my own with Gunner, my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. Gunner was perfectly behaved, followed every command, and did not leave my side despite the temptations of rabbits, quail, and neighbors with their dogs. Thank you so much Rob for everything. Best dog trainer ever!”

-Rose in Phoenix Arizona

Review posted on the Lose The Leash Facebook Page

“weren’t even manageable on a walk due to some aggression towards other dogs”


“We are so thankful for Rob. He is an excellent trainer and fantastic guy. We had him train our two dogs, who before Rob . Within 3 private classes both of them were walking great and able to even go to the dog park without worries. We never dreamed this would be possible. We’re even going to have our dogs in our wedding in May. I’m so happy to be able to do things with them now without worrying if they will get into a fight or misbehave. Thank you Rob!”

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We failed with two other trainers…

“Rob made training our dog very easy. We failed with two other trainers. I’ve gone from not being able to walk my dog to taking her on walk without a leash knowing she won’t leave my side without the ok command. Thx Rob”

Review taken from one of our happy clients on Facebook

Thank-you so much for showing us our pups capabilities

“Thank-you so much for showing us our pups capabilities she is much happier and enjoys off-leash life. This was such a positive experience for Mina and us, we recommend to anyone who has doubts that their dog can’t be trained. This Works!

Much appreciated,

~Mike & Linda”

Gilbert, AZ

Posted on our Lose The Leash Facebook page.

“She is well behaved…even (with) our new chickens!”

“My puppy behaved so much better after we completed training with Rob. The best part was that we were taught the basics of training so for any future problems, we know what to do. I have a wonderful, well-behaved pet now, thanks to Lose the Leash! She is well behaved with people, children and even our new chickens! I’m so happy with what Lose the Leash was able to teach Roxie!”

From Monica in SanTan Valley, AZ

Taken from our happy customer’s Goolge Plus Reviews!

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