Rob is awesome! Our Old English Sheep Dog has always been very friendly but he jumps to say hello and with a baby on the way we really wanted to find a way to calm him down when he greets people. After two lessons he’s no longer jumping to say hello! Our friends were amazed when they came in and saw him laying on a bed instead of jumping in their face. We’ve also seen improvement in other areas we didn’t even recognize as needing improvement. Bently use to be a headache to try to get him inside once he went into the back yard but now he comes when he’s called and it helps us keep him from digging and making a mess. My husband was a little afraid we’d lose our fun-loving dog but now we’re just able to have much more fun with him! We’re excited about how much improvement we’ve seen in just a few weeks!


Mesa, Arizona

Testimonial taken from the LOSE THE LEASH Dog Training Google Places Page.