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Fiesta Island is at Risk!!!


You will no longer be able to even wade in Hidden Anchorage (the cove where the ski jump is)

A road will divide our fenced area into 2 separate parts. (You will need to leash your dog, cross the road; go through another gate to the other side and hope that no dogs get loose on the road)

The west half will be designated regional parkland and the first time a conflict occurs between dogs and picnickers, we could lose the entire western half of the island

4 foot fences are being used (Is 4 feet high enough to keep your dog out of the road/parking lot?)

The west half will be used as a parking lot for special events

The city is currently working on a plan to “develop” Fiesta Island. They will add a swimming beach, parking lots, turfed areas and other changes. These changes will forever alter the open, undeveloped nature of Fiesta Island. It will also change how dog owners will be able to use the island.

The most heavily used fenced leash-free area on the southern tip of the island is being reduced in size and will have a road running through the middle dividing it into two parts. This will make it more difficult to keep the dogs spread out and will force dog owners to cross the road to get from one section to the other. You will have to leash your dog at a gate, cross the road, and then release you dog. Safety concerns are that dogs may get loose onto the road and that fights may occur at these bottlenecks while owners attempt to get the dogs leashed.

It will disrupt the counterclockwise traffic flow and make it more difficult on those of us who walk, bike and run with their dogs around the perimeter of the island.

The Dept. of Park and Recreation currently designates less than 450 of its 40,000 acres of public land to off-leash use for the county’s 700,000 dogs so it is of the utmost importance that we fight to preserve our areas on Fiesta Island for future use.

Veterinarians and animal behaviorists are aware of behavioral problems in dogs associated with lack of socialization and exercise. Where will dogs be able to go for these activities? Many of the small neighborhood dog parks are currently overcrowded and dangerous. The San Diego County Veterinary Medical Association and San Diego Humane Society have expressed their opinions that Fiesta Island remain off-leash.

FIDO does not support paving to create parking lots nor do we support any other development that will forever change the character of Fiesta Island. We feel that there are dozens of other areas where people can picnic, camp, and park their RV’s. This is the last undeveloped, open park that exists for those who prefer an environment other than
manicured parklands.

If this plan is approved, not only will they be chopping up our fenced leash-free area, but the projected cost is over $150 million for a city that has no money. There has been absolutely no mention of the ongoing maintenance costs this project would incur each year. The Dept. of Park and Recreation has already had to cut its staff, discontinue programs and close neighborhood swimming pools due to lack of money. It seems rather misguided to spend millions of dollars to develop an area that most think doesn’t need developing.

The most current proposal for the development of Fiesta Island is plan 4E. Information about the general development plan can be found here:

Here is a link to the Dog Use proposal for plan 4E:


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