We highly recommend Rob and Lose the Leash! We rescued a 4-month old mixed breed puppy who had previously had very little human contact and was VERY afraid of everything. We also had a 5 year old retriever who barked at everything and pulled very hard on the leash when walking. Since we didn’t want the puppy to learn her bad habits, we hired Rob to train the both. They are now completely different dogs! The puppy is confident, happy and obedient. Both dogs heel at our sides on or off leash, come when called and don’t bark at people walking/driving by anymore. Our house is so much more peaceful and we are able to hike with them off leash and run daily with the dogs without being pulled down the street! Thank you Rob!

Yvonne & Justin

Mesa, AZ

Testimonial taken from the Lose The Leash Google Places Page 2/3/2013