If you are reading this article, then I have no doubt that your pup’s safety is highly important to you.

And one key question that you probably have is “How do I keep my furry little friend safe when we are travelling together.”

Giving your dog free reign of the car is obviously a bad idea, and I hope that you are not someone who allows their dog to simply sit untethered in the bed of a pickup truck or trunk of a jeep.

But with so many transportation options to choose from, what is a dog owner to do?

Well, luckily for you, we have the solution and have written this article to help you make an informed decision about how to best transport your pet.

**Take Note**

When you are shopping for any of the below items, be very wary about which brand you choose.

There are only a handful of brands and products (which we will go over in a later article) that have been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe.

Anything that doesn’t have a seal of approval from the Center for Pet Safety is a no go.


1. Carriers

While carriers might seem like the obvious choice for transporting your canine companion, you should probably reconsider before you make the purchase.

When testing was done, not a single carrier passed the basic safety and security tests for a dog over 45 lbs. in a 30 mile per hour crash simulation.

Keep in mind that, if an accident does occur, the likelihood that you will be traveling at only 30 miles per hour is pretty slim.

So to be blunt, if you have a dog that is heavier than 45 lbs. (I would recommend that you draw the line at 30 lbs) you rule carriers out as your method of doggie transportation.

2. Harnesses

8 pet harnesses were tested.

Only one, the Sleepypod Clickit Utility, passed the tests and was deemed sufficient for pet safety.

That being said, I would still not personally recommend that you use pet harnesses (especially with bigger dog breeds) as the potential for the harnesses actually hurting your dog is far too high.

3. Crate

The Gunner Kennel wins our seal of approval as the top performing crate.

The strength rated connection straps withstood significant forces during the CPS testing.

The Gunner Kennel is the hands-down top performing crate of the 2015 study. Using the strength rated connection straps (sourced from Gunner Kennels) the product withstood the significant forces generated in the CPS testing.

With a dual locking feature on the door providing significant structural support to the door in the event of an accident.

The strength rated anchor straps tightened, the Kennels’ rubber feet tightly grip the carpet in a way unlike any other crates that we saw tested.

This by far wins our award for the best travel option for your pet.