I am an owner of a rescued Shiba Inu. At first, he ran to all the doors in the house and actually ran away twice. Both times he got out my boyfriend and I chased him about a mile away. I was about ready to give up and felt discouraged until we found Lose The Leash Dog Training. Rob helped us learn how to work with our puppy and train him properly. After the first week of training, we were starting to see a huge difference. Now, seven weeks later our Shiba has become the perfect puppy. He does not run to the doors any longer, nor does he want to leave. I am able to walk him without a leash on and he stays near me the whole time. Plus, he follows my commands and enjoys his puppyhood. Lose the Leash has been amazing and I could not have asked for a better trainer. He took his time with teaching us how to train, and he made the process very enjoyable. Thank you for all that you do!


Mesa, Arizona

Review taken from the LOSE THE LEASH Dog Training Google Page 06/07/2013