Subject: Sam The Wonder Dog

“We had a great trip home with Sam. No problems at all. We even drove 790 miles the third day to get home before the next big storm hit but he handled it just fine. We always stay at motels where you can park right by the door and go directly into the room, but our last night on the road we could only find a room where we had to take Sam up the elevator to the second floor. He trotted up to the door looking as cute as could be, sat nicely until we got the luggage through two sets of doors, then walked through the lobby, past the check-in counter, over to the elevator and sat and waited for it. When he got inside he just sat and rode up and then sat in the hall while we got the door unlocked and everything inside. He never made a sound. Later we had to take him out and it was the same way and also when we left in the morning. The refrigerator in the room wasn’t working and needed to be switched and he even went outside and back in while the guy was there doing it and then jumped up on the bed to lie down and watch what Jim and the guy were doing. We got compliments from the motel on what a great dog he was!

He was thrilled to be back with a large back yard and also very excited when we got 12 inches of fresh snow the next night.

Things are going great! WE LOVE YOU!!!”

Jim and Judy
Snowbirds in Mesa, AZ

Testimonial received by email 4/27/2013