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Erin and Rob Jewell
Lose The Leash Dog Training
San Diego, CA

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Upcoming San Diego Dog Friendly Events


Here’s a list of just some of San Diego’s spring dog events!


Sunday February 28th – 2nd Annual Doggie Street Festival – Point Loma

find our more by clicking here.
Sunday March 7th – 15th Annual Del Mar Kiwanis Ugly Dog Contest
find out more by clicking here.


 Sunday March 14th – Paws in the Park – Solana Beach

find our more by clicking here.

Sunday March 28th – Paws in the Park – Escondido

find out more by clicking here.

Saturday April 10th – WOOFSTOCK – Balboa Park

find our more by clicking here.

If we left our your favorite dog event, please let us know by sending your event’s information

Help Protect Fiesta Island


Fiesta Island Dog Owners
FIDO is a project of a California 501(c)3 non-profit corporation
and contributions are tax deductible according to law

Our mission is to preserve the Fiesta Island Leash-free Recreational Area.  We are a community based organization with over 3600 members which is rapidly growing.  We are a diverse group of citizens who share a common passion and vision for Fiesta Island.  We are the largest user group of Fiesta Island and unlike other user groups, we use the island 365 days a year, rain or shine. FIDO has a board of 11 members who are working hard with the city to find a reasonable solution that meets the needs of ‘all’ Fiesta Island Users.

What Our Clients Are Saying


“Many other trainers wouldn’t even see my husky/wolf hybrid because they said they were feral dogs. Erin told me right off the bat that any dog can be trained:) I was so relieved. My dog is so gentle and loving and has great manners and listening skills thanks to Erin and Robs help. I highly recommend them for any dog! Plus, they are always available by phone to help with any questions you may have.”

Shannon B.



“When we rescued our 118 lb, 9 month old mixed breed dog from the pound he was out of control, attention starved and desperately needing obedience training. Having previously had giant breed dogs, my husband and I attempted to train him ourselves using methods that worked for us before. We then tried treat training, click training, choke collars, prong collars and “no pull halters” with no positive result. In a final desperate act to avoid returning him to the pound, we called Erin. After an amazing demo with her well trained dog, we signed up. It took some work to retrain how we dealt with him and many hours of dedication, but today we have a 210 lb, 3 year old companion that listens and is a joy to be around. He has come so far and we really could not have done it without Erin.”




“Hi Rob,
Just wanted you to know how much the training has meant to me and the dogs. It was well worth the training so that we can go for nice long walks on the weekends and we are all happy.  I’m sure I could have ended up with a broken bone or worse from the falls of being pulled over without your great training. 
We are doing great and will be back soon I hope to learn more.
Thanks again for all you have taught us.”
Marilyn R.

Businesses We Recommend



Crown Veterinary Hospital


OhMyDog Photography


Bark Cheese Pet Portraits


  We’d like to thank you for your business, and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Go have some fun with your dog.  Sorry, we don’t train husbands, wives, or kids!


Erin and Rob Jewell
Lose the Leash dog training


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