This is probably the most frequently asked question that we get at Lose The Leash Dog Training. The fact that someone is asking is usually a qualification for our stock response: Your dog begins training the moment that you bring it home. This is honestly the best answer that we can give to anyone who owns a new dog of any age.

Puppies are like little sponges, they are constantly learning from their new environments. House training, leash training, dog manners, and obedience training will all begin right away, whether you want it to or not. The environment in your home presents new experiences to your puppy that it will learn to understand. I often wonder what “waiting to train” a puppy actually means, and if it is even possible…Feeding schedules, sleeping schedules, and potty schedules can all begin to be shaped from birth, and obedience and puppy manners often go hand-in-hand with shaping of these natural behaviors. Rules of the house can be instilled immediately, and we follow one golden rule: Don’t let your puppy do now, what you won’t want your dog to do later. Letting undesirable behaviors go on simply because a puppy is “too cute” can often create a bigger work load for you later on when you try to extinguish the behavior, once it’s “no longer cute”.

When in doubt, call a trainer. If you have questions or concerns about your puppy’s behavior, ask someone. We often give out tons of free advice, to anyone who needs it if they simply give us a call. We’ve had many people tell me that some of the simple tips given over the phone have helped them immensely when bringing their new puppy home and managing their dog down the road. For a more thorough education, we offer a FREE In-Home Demonstration/Evaluation that will allow a professional trainer the chance to get some hands-on insight into what kind of training help you’ll need. Don’t delay, give us a call today!

Rob Jewell (Owner/Head Trainer)