The arrival of a dog to a new home is an important event that will mark a series of changes in the household. It would help if you prepared it well for your new friend, so here are some valuable tips to prepare for getting a dog at home.

Do not create false expectations.

All family members should be aware of the responsibility of adopting a dog because sometimes the expectations we have are not real. Pets are a responsibility, and they need attention, time, space, etc.

Condition your home.

  • Take a close look at your home and observe everything that can be potentially harmful.
  • Organize the cables so that they are not within reach; keep cleaning products, air fresheners, and any chemicals in a safe place.
  • Do not leave any drugs within their reach; always keep them in an inaccessible place, etc.

Choose a space for your pet.

You must define the space where the dog will sleep. Select a warm place where the dog can be comfortable and relaxed.

Your pet will need a bed where to sleep and feel sheltered and calm. Add a few cushions and a blanket, and their bed will be ready.

Also, designate an area where they will have food and water and another area where they can take care of their business, so the dog can start adapting from day one.

Show them the house

Once you have a dog at home, please give them a little tour. Keep them on a leash while allowing them to explore and sniff the interior. Show them their food, bed, toys and let them know their boundaries with short but firm commands such as “no” or “leave it.”

Make the house rules clear.

From the moment they arrive home, it is essential to teach them what they can and cannot do to make their adaptation process more straightforward. Also, this way, you will begin to educate them and mark their routines.

Otherwise, it will be more challenging to teach them after a considerable time has passed or in case you adopt a puppy, it will be more difficult to re-educate them as adults.

Visit the veterinarian.

Within the first week of bringing them home, you should visit a veterinarian for a health check-up, spay/neuter if necessary, make sure they have all their vaccinations, etc.

Covering these basics will help your dog feel secure in their new environment and make it easier to integrate with your new furry friend.