Natural disasters wreak havoc – to the land, to homes, and to lives. Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas on August 25th, 2017 and the areas that have been impacted will continue to be in recovery for weeks, and even months, to come.

Hurricane Harvey was the largest storm to make landfall in this area, known as the Texas Coastal Bend, since September 1961 when Hurricane Carla landed.

The rainfall from Hurricane Harvey lasted for days and in some areas along the coast between Rockport and Houston, TX, more than 40 inches of rain accumulated. Strong winds and rain completely devastated neighborhoods and made roadways impossible to use.

In the towns affected by this massive storm, countless lives have been altered. More than 60 lives have been lost, and countless buildings, cars, and other structures demolished.

Among the disarray, many have lent a hand to help the victims affected by the storm. Hundreds of people have served or volunteered to assist those who were injured or whose homes were flooded.

And many have also helped to rescue countless homeless pets from the turmoil of Hurricane Harvey.

Pets and Hurricanes

Many animals become lost during massive natural disasters such as this one. Dogs that are left outside may run away to hide if their owners have not returned when the storm hits. Other dogs may even get swept away in flash floods that happen during such heavy rain storms.

Unfortunately, it can be a life or death situation to humans when storms such as Harvey hit. Some pets are left behind, by accident or sometimes on purpose, when evacuations happen due to storms of this scale. It is heartbreaking for a pet owner to lose his or her canine companion in this way.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can help dogs and the shelters that rescued them in and around the Houston area even if you do not live in Texas.

Help Dogs Affected by Harvey

Want to help dogs that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey?

We’ve gathered a list of dog rescue shelters in the Houston area where you can help by donating money, supplies or even some room in your home.

Many dog shelters in the Houston area are in desperate need of money and supplies to support a number of animals they are trying to take care of and find homes for.

Some pets will also need foster homes. If you are in the area, please consider fostering a pet. Looking to add to the family? Consider adopting a dog who is now left without a home due to this tragic storm. If you’re not able to foster a pet for a few days, perhaps a friend or relative you know has some extra space for a foster dog.

Houston Humane Society – Houston, TX

You can help the humane society in Houston by donating straight to their fund (you can find the link on their website link above). Their truck recently broke down, so any donation amount will greatly help them continue their efforts to rescue dogs affected by Harvey!

Houston Pets Alive – Houston, TX

Houston Pets Alive is not only in need of monetary donations, but also supplies donations! Houston Pets Alive seeks dog beds, food bowls, leashes, chew toys, and cleaning supplies, among other things. Please visit their website for a full list of supplies needed to care for the animals at this shelter. You can also donate directly to Houston Pets Alive through a link on their site.

Houston SPCA – Houston, TX

The Houston SPCA provides a list of rescued dogs for those of you searching for your dog or a dog to foster or adopt. Please check their website and visit this link if you have lost a pet in the aftermath of this storm. The SPCA is also taking donations.

CAP – Houston, TX

Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) in Houston is in need of monetary donations. You can make a donation to this organization by visiting their website.

BARC Animal Shelter – Houston, TX

BARC is the City of Houston’s adoption and shelter facility. You can make a general donation to BARC by visiting their website’s donation page through the link above.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter – Conroe, TX

The Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe is also seeking supplies donations. The list of needed supplies can be found on their blog and includes crates and food bowls. You can also view a list of pets that have been rescued around the Houston Area by visiting this link.

Other Houston Area Shelters

Adopt a Rescued Friend (AARF) Houston

Friends For Life

Adore Houston

Shelters Affected Across the US

Shelters and volunteer groups from cities all around the US are helping in the effort to save Harvey dogs’ lives. Many of the pets in Houston area animal shelters have been moved to shelters in other cities to make room for other Houston pets newly rescued from the aftermath of the storm.

Organizations from Indianapolis, Indiana and Jacksonville, Florida have donated their time in Houston. Even folks from the Connecticut Humane Society have ventured to Houston to assist in rescuing dogs from abandoned homes and streets in an effort to keep them safe and find their families.

Shelters in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania are also transporting dogs from Houston area dog rescue shelters to help spread the load of caring for and finding new homes for these animals.

Supplies Ideas

Below are some general supplies ideas if you would like to donate items instead of money. While most shelters will probably take any items you decide to donate, please visit their website or give the shelter a call – they may require some supplies more than others! When giving, it’s always best to give what’s needed.

  • Crates
  • Pee pads
  • Food bowls and water bowls
  • Dog food and treats
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Toys
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Towels
  • Sheets

Your donation of money, supplies or time (or your home!) will greatly help the cause for Houston area dog rescues striving to bring relief and safety to so many pets who have been separated from their families. Please consider reaching out to any of the rescues in the list above and help in any way you can!