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Erin and Rob Jewell
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Article: Snake Avoidance Training
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What Our Clients Are Saying

 “She’s a Pit Bull, but doesn’t know it”  

“Hello, I wanted to write a brief testimonial about my dog Chloe and the training I chose for her. She is a Pit Bull but does not know it. And I plan to keep it that way because I got her enrolled with two great trainers, Erin and Rob…”

“He would bark uncontrollably”



 “I Just Call ‘Come’ and He Walks Right to Me”
“We’ve tried two other trainers, both very knowledgeable and experienced…After only two lessons with Rob, (very personable and great with dogs), 10-15 minutes of daily reinforcement, Buck is a new dog.”

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“I called for aggression issues at the door, where he would bark uncontrollably and there was no controlling him. The other day someone walked by…”




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Upcoming San Diego Dog Friendly Events
  Here’s a list of just some of San Diego’s spring dog events!

Sunday March 28th – Paws in the Park – Escondido
Find out more by clicking here.
Saturday April 10th – WOOFSTOCK – Balboa Park  
Find our more by clicking here. 
 April 1st – 25th – Coronado Canine Mayor Elections 
For More information click here.
If we left our your favorite dog event, please let us know by sending your event’s information via email!




Help Protect Fiesta Island  


Fiesta Island Dog Owners
FIDO is a project of a California 501(c)3 non-profit corporation
and contributions are tax deductible according to law

Our mission is to preserve the Fiesta Island Leash-free Recreational Area.  We are a community based organization with over 3600 members which is rapidly growing.  We are a diverse group of citizens who share a common passion and vision for Fiesta Island.  We are the largest user group of Fiesta Island and unlike other user groups, we use the island 365 days a year, rain or shine. FIDO has a board of 11 members who are working hard with the city to find a reasonable solution that meets the needs of ‘all’ Fiesta Island Users.


Article: Snake Avoidance Training

Snake Avoidance Training With Dogs:  Making Informed Choices.


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 OhMyDog Photography



Bark Cheese Pet Portraits




Erin and Rob Jewell
Lose the Leash dog training




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