Hello, I wanted to write a brief testimonial about my dog Chloe and the training I chose for her. She is a Pit Bull but does not know it. And I plan to keep it that way because I got her enrolled with two great trainers, Erin and Rob, a couple who are: Losetheleash.com with a great approach to training dogs, any kind, any issue, any age or breed.

It is a training with reward recognition for your dog, a training on how to get your dog’s attention and response to commands.

I have confidence that with their guidance and teaching me how to approach my dog’s different behavior challenges I will succeed in having the ability on doing what is needed for a happier Chloe.¬†

Training is disciplining your dog how to behave and enjoy outdoor activities, be around other dogs and share their spaces, also training is disciplining us the owners/parents  on what to do in any situation so that your pet can have a better and happier life.

Thank you.

Deborah Tebet, Chloe and Cowley too!