Hi Rob,

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed our training yesterday. Also just to let you know something positive that happened this morning…I had let Boris out to go potty and had not put either collar on him yet. I heard him start his barking/fence fighting with his arch enemy, Chevy the Rott. I went out and called him to come…he acknowledged me IMMEDIATELY…I repeated come and he actually came. I have NEVER been able to recall him from the fence when he is in that frenzied state of mind. I gave him so much praise for that. Normally he would stop barking and go as far from me in the yard as possible and make me go and get him. So I know with lots of consistent training he will do really good.

Thanks again!

–April Baker

Here’s a Video of April and Boris during In-Home Training.  Boris had been a bit aggressive on his walks with dogs in the neighborhood, as you can see, he’s getting a bit better!