AJ is always off leash when we go out for a walk now, and I really don’t need to use the remote collar much anymore.  Most of the time I just whistle and he comes running. He sticks around me when we are out and about, so I am not worried that he will take off like he used to. I think the time that we spent training with the collar made our bond much stronger, and I can tell by his behavior that he feels more secure.  I should mention that AJ is a 6 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. He is a rescue dog, and I have only had him since November 2008. It is very hard to make a hunting dog stick around when you are out walking, and some hunting dogs are just escape artists. It comes with the temperament and hunting instincts of a hunting dog. The fact that he used to do this, and is not doing it anymore only after a short time speaks volumes about how effective the program is.

Andreas N.

San Elijo Hills (Carlsbad), CA

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