Rob and Lose the Leash transformed our dog! We found lose the leash to help teach our dog (and us) how to get our 2 year old goldendoodle to listen to us. She is overall a good dog, nice and friendly, knows her commands, but she was incredibly stubborn and would never listen and come when we called her.

After years of frustration, we reached a breaking point when she ran across a street to greet another dog. Afraid she’d get hurt from not listening we were glad to find Rob!

We did three private lessons and after that it’s like a night and day difference! She now comes whenever she’s called, even if there is another dog (or her favorite, a bird!). The huge demonstration of how great it worked was we took our dog to Kiwanis park to walk around. All her temptations were there, a lake to swim, birds, kids throwing balls, and even a cat, and she was able to walk by our side WITHOUT A LEASH the whole way around the lake! That would have never have happened without Lose The Leash.

Even my dad, a dog owner of 30 years was blown away by how good she is! This was not only an investment in our current dog, but any future pup that becomes a part of our family. I highly recommend Rob and Lose the Leash. We can now take our dog public places without fear of embarrassment and we know she is safe.

-Sarah P. on Lose The Leash Yelp Page