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We love our customer’s dogs as much as you do. We work hard so that your dog can live a happy and healthy life. And so you can enjoy your life with your pup. Because life is so much better with your companion.

We all have to go out of town or travel from time to time. There are many different options for someone to care for your dog. We have talked about pet boarding services. Another great service for you and your companion can be a pet sitting service.

We would be happy to recommend a few, but here’s the thing. We think you should pick only one. Here are three important reasons why you should pick only one pet sitter.

High Standards

A pet sitting service is going to be a team of people who are pet lovers. By their very nature, they are going to want to act in the best interest of your dog. Cleanliness standards, appropriate exercise, and proper nutrition are all going to be top of mind with a dog sitter. While every dog is different, there are some commonalities that a pet sitter is going to expect (usually to expect the unexpected!) The experience combined with being an animal lover is going to be in the best interest of you cdog(s).

Continuity Of Training

You and your dog have worked hard over a significant period of time to get to a level of training you have both come to expect. A pet sitter can easily continue that training and encourage those good habits while you are away. Someone who is not familiar with dog training may not have the skills to continue training your dog. Or even worse, unwittingly encourage new bad habits.

They Are Professionals

The pet sitters we recommend are bonded and insured. This is what they do for a living. This is not just another job, this is their passion. Having your coworker or the middle schooler care for your dog in conjunction with a professional pet sitter can cause anxiety, can be confusing, and in some cases, be dangerous. (Are you sure the coworker you coerced into watching your beloved puppy is also a dog lover, too?) A professional pet sitter is going to, not only be professional in your home with your pet, he/she is going to bring genuine love and caring for your dog that will leave you with a feeling of assurance.

We recommend different pet sitters and dog walkers for different situations. No two situations are exactly the same. Our bottom line is we want your dog to be well cared for and to be happy and healthy. A professional pet sitter, like a boarding service, is going to ensure that your pet gets the level of service and attention he/she deserves. No matter what situation your pet may get into, chances are a professional pet sitter has been there before. Hire one service and be done. We’re sure your companion will thank you for it.