With most things in life, it’s best to start early.

Dog training is no different.

You never have to worry about correcting bad habits when you train your dog as a puppy.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve created this post to help you. In it, you’ll find three great tips to help you train your puppy (the right way).

Let’s get going:

Teach Your Pup Not. to. Bite.

Your puppy will love to bite you (and everyone else). It will be cute. But, you should teach him not to do it. Biting is a big no-no.

Look into Puppy Classes

You and your puppy can learn a lot from classes.

Dogs (and puppies) have an innate ability to keep each other “in check”. For this reason, being around other dogs will help your puppy learn how to behave.

In addition, you can learn training tips, tricks, and methods from instructors and other owners.

Replace Instead of Reprimand

Your puppy has no clue what valuables are. He will eat away at furniture, clothes, shoes, etc. Don’t reprimand him. Replace the object he’s chewing on with something that’s appropriate—such as a toy or bone.


You now know three great tips to help you train your puppy. Use them to get started on the right foot. For additional help, please feel free to contact us. We’re always eager and willing to train new puppies.